The German Garden was situated in the heart of the large, urban-inspired area for international participants at the Floriade Expo 2022. On a plot covering a total area of 1,974 m², visitors discovered innovative solutions and discussion approaches for the green cities of the future.

The utopian vision of a sustainable, healthy way of living in future cities served as the guiding principle here. Under the banner “BIOTOPIA – Growing Community”, the German entry showcased the unfinished city that gives nature space and redesigns open space. At the same time, it inspired people to think further, build further and grow further together.

BIOTOPIA promoted dialogic interaction and participation – it felt easy-going, radiated happiness and was a huge amount of fun.


Der Deutsche Garten liegt im Herzen des großen, städtisch angehauchten Bereiches der internationalen Teilnehmer der Floriade Expo 2022. Entdecken Sie auf einer Gesamtfläche von 1.974 m² innovative deutsche Lösungs- und Diskussionsansätze für die grünen Städte der Zukunft.

Als Leitbild hierfür dient die Utopie eines nachhaltigen, gesunden Lebens in den Städten der Zukunft. Unter dem Motto „BIOTOPIA – Growing Community“ zeigt der Deutsche Beitrag die nicht fertige Stadt, die der Natur Raum gibt und Freiraum neugestaltet. Dabei regt er seine Besucher zum Weiterdenken, Weiterbauen und gemeinsamen Weiterwachsen an. BIOTOPIA setzt auf dialogische Interaktion und Partizipation – fühlt sich dabei aber leicht an, strahlt Lebensfreude aus und macht enorm viel Spaß. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!


Interaktive Ausstellung

On an exhibition area extending over approx. 620 m², the German Garden invited the public to rediscover the possibilities and the diversity of green spaces in the city by using numerous interesting and interactive exhibits. The exhibition also was a fun experience with the aid of a smart wristband, allowing visitors to see their own personal vision of the city of the future at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition was really appealing to children, too, since there were all sorts of child-friendly presentations and play opportunities. There were more than enough challenges to ensure an exciting visit.

For each of the four sub-themes of the Floriade Expo 2022, the German Garden had its own themed space with many interactive exhibits:


The German Garden was an extraordinary feat of architecture where the interior and exterior spaces merged into one another and plants extended along the building façade. The design produced interesting vertical and horizontal accents that created a dynamic, urban scene. The pavilion itself continued to grow throughout the Floriade, bringing to life the theme of the Floriade Expo 2022 – “Growing Green Cities.”

Visitors could also look forward to a culinary experience in the German restaurant and a roof terrace and open atrium, providing the ideal spots in which to spend some time.