German Garden

At a glance



In the German Garden, visitors learnt about initiatives, visions and innovation. They found out what is important to them personally and how their contribution to a green and liveable city of the future might look. In addition to the reception area, the four themed spaces, and the Main Show, there was also lots to see and do in the atrium and on the roof terrace. Our restaurant EATTOPIA and take-away EATTOPIA – GERMAN FOOD TO GO had delicious food on offer and tasty German and international dishes for a well-deserved break


BIOTOPIA interactive

The smart-wristband enabled the visitors to activate individual elements of the exhibition in the themed spaces Healthy Urban Living, Green City, Regenerative Energy and Local Food. At the end of the visit, they could present their personal experiences in the Main Show, as part of the vision on the future of the city. BIOTOPIA meant taking part in and becoming a part of the design.


Healthy Urban Living

Healthy city climate

Let’s make the city our garden. Nature in the city has a positive effect on our health because nature reduces the particle content in the air, noise nuisance and warming. Urban greenery improves the living environment, creates space for social interaction and upgrades city neighbourhoods. Meeting places and space for recreation add to a healthy city climate. In our space Healthy Urban Living, we gave tips to our guests and inspired them. Here they could actively take part through our interactive exhibits.

Green City

The green city

The themed space Green City demonstrated how Germany realises its vision on an environmentally friendly city adapted to the climate. How will we deal with flooding, periods of drought, water shortages and air pollution in the future? Here, people could find out why an integrated urban planning, intelligent water recycling and smart city greenery are so important.


Regenerative Energy

Regenerative energies

The era of fossil fuels and nuclear energy is coming to an end. For safe, clean and efficient energy consumption, wind, solar, hydropower and biomass are the ultimate energy sources of the future. The themed space Regenerative Energy showed how we can generate energy from them in our cities, too.


Local Food

Urban agriculture

An expanding green city must develop smart answers and strategies for sustainable food production and conscious consumption. Our themed space Local Food made it clear how growing food in the city and in the country can work, what is meant by environmentally friendly and sustainable food and which alternative growing methods are possible in the city of the future.

Roof garden

Beehives, rooftop farming or elements of an edible city: on the roof terrace of the German Garden, we presented numerous objects and plants which will already be changing and enriching our urban living environment tomorrow.